DJ Walker the Groovologist , Program/Music Director

Questions & Answers from DJ Walker

Q: When did you develop an appreciation for music?

A: My oldest sister takes credit for turning me on to music.  She used to sit me in front of a stereo console when I was baby & I've been groovin' since I had enough strength to start rockin' my big head.

Q: Did you work in radio prior to starting

A: Yes, I've had radio shows on high school, college & professional stations.

Q: How would you describe

A: The Groove Suite is a joint where music lovers will hear a good variety of jazz, R&B, gospel & more without a lot of chatter.  It's an automated station with a "less talk, more music" format.

Q: Do you think listeners prefer that type of format?

A: Some may and others may not.  It's tough trying to satisfy everyone so I just try to deliver a sound I believe serious music lovers will appreciate.

Q: Is there anything else that makes different from other radio stations?

A: Well, I've operated it for over 12 years without making a penny from it.  I don't know many people who do what I do for the love of it. 

Q: How can you afford it?

A: I've earned a living in another field.  The Groove Suite is my hobby.

Q: What keeps you motivated?

A: The music, the artists who create it and the music lovers who appreciate it.

Q: What would make you stop doing what you do?

A: God will let me know when he has something else for me to do.  Until that time, I'm gonna be groovin' one way or another for the rest of my days.

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